Social Services

The Institute is conscious of the need of adequate social services. In this regard the Institute provides the following facilities.

 Students’ Accommodation

Good Accommodation facilities are available to all students who wish to stay at the Institute campus. Currently there are Eight (8) hostels with a capacity of 600 students.

Health Services

The institute provides health and medical services to students/staff and institute residents at its dispensary. However, serious cases are referred to Katandala Hospital which is about 2km from the Institute.


The Institute has catering facilities that are rented out to private providers. It has a kitchen and Canteen where by most students get their meals in the Institute cafeteria.

Sports and Games

The Institute encourages students to participate in various sports activities.

Students Guidance and Counselling

The Dean’s office offer guidance and counselling services. Students are invited to contact him at any time if they wish to discuss their problems and welfare matters This ensures that students are  well informed on all important issues relating to their academic and social life.

Religious Activities

Students are allowed to conduct their religious activities freely. These are under the supervision of student’s organization through its social and welfare ministry. Various religious leaders usually come at the institute to offer religious services.

Stationery Services

These services are provided at the campus by private dealers who offer various services, including photocopy, typing,  spiral binding, lamination, all at affordable prices.


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